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Alla riconquista del centro
1993  vinyl colors on PVC  cm  400 x 586 / 215 x 586

1993  vinyl colors on PVC  cm 275 x 282 x 84

Per un rapporto di non identità
1991  pigment, silicone, reflectors, letters in steel, molten on PVC
cm 219 x 230



Marcello Pecchioli has written:

Inextended time: virtual modifications
Bruno Marcucci’s works seem to linger in a kind of bent temporality, […]

[…] Generally today painting doesn’t seem much suitable to dialogue with the world that we know, made of communication, new technologies, medial geographies but in Bruno Marcuccis’s case this aged medium is folded and distorted as if one could recreate a model of the n-dimensional universe and based on conformations and folds of space-time, an artistic similar of the relativistic insights of the astrophysical scientists.[…]

[…] In particular I was struck by a work of Marcucci called ‘Alla riconquista del centro’ as by the rest of his works but this seems to possess such intriguing and complex elements as to consider itself as the core, the conceptual and keynote (or programmatic)  centre, a pictorial software that is able to give a voice to the entire work here exposed.[…]

[…] And here from this transformation are released grammars and unprinted , chromatic, gestural, and musical alphabets as if in this case it was explicit the process of aesthetic reconversion  like in an inside view or an exploded industrial drawing aided by computer (Cad). […]

[…] So Marcucci’s work inscribes itself in that liminal region that has seen scientists and artists think about a superior synthesis , […] an effort to conjugate art and science, the qualitative proprieties with an analytical gaze […] 

Bologna, February 1993


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