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Linea d’orizzonte - P.zzo Tiranni Castracane, Cagli (PU)
2007  mixed technique on paper environment sized

Linea d’orizzonte - Galleria del Carbone, Ferrara)
2008 mixed technique on paper environment sized

Linea d’orizzonte - Sassoferrato (AN)
2008 mixed technique on paper environment sized


Ettore Sordini has written:

With how much hard work Bruno Marcucci has reached this level of synthesis we do not know; only he can tell us, if he wants to, from which stage of his numerous and detailed research has arisen such unique clearness of vision.

With the simplicity with which one unwraps a bonbon and then throws away the paper thus Marcucci reveals to us the secret of painting, with the clarity of a mathematician that proves a theorem he hands over to us the key of modern painting; art narrates itself, it self reveals and to us it opens a large window on the marvelous.

Giuliana Paganucci has written:

[…] From the emerged parts of the iceberg one leans forward in order to hear what is going on underneath. The high horizon line places the spectator in correspondence of what is submerged, of what quietly sinks in the boundless regions of distance, of the unknowable, in which concavity and convexity chase after each other, in a wavy sedimentation of folds[…]

[…] At a height of 2.03 m is set, exactly, the horizon line, border and limit of vision and knowledge, borderline between the distance from past and the absolutely unknown of the future, in the uncertainty of being  a living being […]


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